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Bespoke solutions for all your complex stamping and technical overmolding projects.
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Bespoke solutions for all your complex stamping and technical overmolding projects

Augé Microtechnic Group is a family business with a legacy in manufacturing and watchmaking, recognised by major automobile makers and component manufacturers and by manufacturers of electrical equipment for its wide range of skills and processes, and for its capability for joint development in the fields of cutting, contact welding, injection and that of complex metal-plastic assemblies or subassemblies.

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Development & Tooling

We develop and design tools and processes using an eco-conception approach. Our multi-technology range and the support of a network of highly qualified partners enables us to offer the solution that is exactly suited to your needs.

The integrated manufacturing of tools and prototypes for projects means that we can be highly responsive to the needs for the maintenance and modification of parts.


Material splitting & finishing

We will find the solution for your materials needs by offering our services for strip splitting, finishing and storage of raw materials:

  • - Optimise your purchases
  • - Decentralise your stock
  • - Group your procurements
  • - Only split as much as you really need

Precision cutting

With extensive experience of cutting, we are specialised in cutting and forming precision metal parts.

We have mastery over all the stages of the process, from the design and making of tools to the manufacturing of parts in small, medium and large runs. Our know-how relies on a modern machine base of high-speed presses from 10 to 250 tonnes (30 to 2500 strokes/min).

The materials worked include copper alloys, stainless steel and aluminium, in thicknesses from 0.05 to 4 mm.


Multiple-slide press cutting

We draw on our long experience of the technology, backed up by modernised manufacturing equipment. We can make parts and functions using all operations related to cutting and forming in all planes.

Our methods provide for tapping, welding and assembling several parts, which may be made by the machine and/or procured from outside, in order to make a subassembly with optimised material consumption.


Contact welding

We produce contact welded parts with all precious metals and alloys of all types: rivet contacts, solid and with two metals, welded contacts from wires or sections (solid or with two metals), single or double die-cast contacts from solid wire and drawn contact blades on selective coating.

Our multiple-slide machines are supple­mented by special machines: contact welding in the tool on high-speed presses - welding machines.


Injection moulding & over moulding

We are specialised in the over moulding of metal inserts and the injection of precision thermoplastic parts.
Our know-how encompasses continuous over moulding lines for pre-cut strips with selective coating, robotised lines with supply and unloading automation systems, and manual over moulding with the fitting of inserts.
We have horizontal and vertical rotating table injecting presses from 25 to 320 tonnes.
The main materials worked include PA 6/6, PPA, POM, PBT and PPS to produce parts that weigh from less than 0.5 grams to 400 grams.



From prototypes to mass production, we have all the resources required for addressing your needs. A machine base comprising arch-frame presses, swan-neck presses, hydraulic presses and multiple-slide presses.


Finishing of parts

We offer a complete service for the finishing of parts:

  • - Heat treatment
  • - Tribofinishing | Tumbling
  • - Degreasing | Brightening
  • - Burnishing
  • - Packaging and inspection

We chiefly work with stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, aluminium and titanium.


Manual assembly of subassemblies, automated assembly with supplementary operations

Assembly is executing using different methods. It is carried out in cutting tools and over moulding moulds, and also manually or with the help of special automated machines.
We have a class 3 (100,000) clean room for parts that require very high cleanliness standards.
Our know-how covers special assembly lines, supplemented by riveting, crimping, tack or laser welding and tapping processes.


Environment protection,
a key concern

From its inception, the strategy of Augé Microtechnic Group
has addressed ethical issues.
The company has a policy of preventing any possible harmful effect of its production activities on the environment.

The commitment
of Augé Microtechnic Group
in favour of sustainable development

Augé Microtechnic Group has put in place an environmental management system that is reflected in the attention paid at every level of the organisation to always minimise the impact of its activity on the environment. Some of the measures under that policy include the use of retention tanks in areas where risky products are stored, the treatment of atmospheric discharge and the rational use of natural resources (water, electricity and raw material).

All new projects of Augé Microtechnic Group include an environmental part that makes it possible to adopt the best techniques available in the area. In its production facilities, Augé Microtechnic Group encourages its staff to have an environmentally responsible attitude. Thus, waste is sorted, recycled and recovered, systematically and on a large scale (paper, cells, neon tubes, plastic, metal). Reduction in waste production is made effective by promoting the awareness of the staff and dialogue with suppliers to reduce packaging.

Consultez notre politique qualité sécurité environnement

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